Fianchetto or controlling the center

which do you like better? 1) controlling the center with pawns in the opening and having a lot of space or 2)putting your bishop on b2 or g2 if you are white or putting it on g7 or b7 if you are black letting your opponent have control of the center. what do you like better ? also how do you pronounce fianchetto. I think it sounds Italian. is it like fee-ann-chet-toe ? talk amongst yourselves and get back to me

Can you not have a piece of the centre with one pawn and fianchetto?

 The dragon, Grunfeld, Catalan and Katalimov comes to mind.


Yes. So that could be option 3. Good job.


I like to play b4 and fianchetto my bishop.


I like to either fianchetto one bishop (usually my queen bishop), or not fianchetto at all. I rarely, if ever, will fianchetto both bishops.

Also: to a native English speaker, the spelling of the word looks like a "ch" sound, as in "cheese", but actually, "feean-ketto" is the proper pronunciation, as it's an Italian word, and that is how an Italian speaker would pronounce it. Fianco is "side" or "flank", and -etto means "small" or "little", when appended to a word.

So it loosely means "a small flank move" or a "little move on the side" with your bishop. thumbup