Finally 1900! you can do it too.

@pawnstorm thanks!
@rishikeshwaran see my 2nd post!
jonathanpiano13 wrote:
@pawnstorm thanks!
@rishikeshwaran see my 2nd post!

Thank you very much, friend! happy.png


Congratulations!  That's an impressive climb.

In my case, I went from 1400 to 1800 in just over two years, but then got stuck at 1800 for about a decade.  It was a real struggle, but at the same time, finally hitting 2000 was all the sweeter.  Hopefully it doesn't take you near as long as me.  Good luck!


jonathanpiano13 danke too, @rishikeshwaran you're welcome

@SmithyQ thank you! It’s impressive that you still managed to reach 2000 even after having gotten stuck for such a long climb. I hope I will join the 2000 club some day.

But, I have never read a chess book in my life and never even spent a single euro on chess (it is a purely cost-free hobby for me)... That is probably something which needs to change if I want to continue improving.

That's dynomyte!!! I knew you could do it.



jonathanpiano13 wrote:
@7-9 thank you :)
@knightrider1981 continue doing tactics and playing slow games and analyze these. If you‘re consistent you should see improvement. I‘ve also had times where it seemed like I didn‘t improve much, but then suddenly I jumped about 200 points at once.

Thanks for your comments, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge by studying but have practiced far less, so I lose out games by being outplayed in the middlegame or endgame as I am not always capable of applying what I have studied. At the moment I am focusing a lot on playing daily chess, and I am analysing every game after, this nut has to crack some day! happy.png 

If you want to play me a daily chess game feel free to challenge me, we could analyse it after. Doesn't have to be rated.


Big Congrats Jonathan!


Good job!

Lucky you very impressive I don't even think I'll hit the chance
Jonathan, well done with the 1900 and thanks for the advices.

Same, and I just hesitate to play the next game. 


Congrats! I was 1200 when I started 3-4 years ago, and I hit 1900 blitz for the first time a couple of weeks back. I worked my way through Winning Tactics and Strategy from Seirawan, and one of Yusupov's books. I also watch a lot of chess on youtube from Kingscrusher, Chess Explained, and Chessbrah, and I think it helps to set up tactics trainer puzzles on a real board. Now I'm busy with Silman's Complete Endgame Course (highly recommended!) and Yasser's Winning Combinations. I also purchased Ginger GM (Simon Williams)'s package deal on openings and, although a bit advanced, it is very interesting and has given me the confidence booster I needed to rely on 1.d4 as my main weapon of choice. I used to only play 1.e4, but I disliked playing French defense and modern defense positions. 




You say it took you 2 years from patzer level, what exactly do you call patzer level? Can you explain this for me?

Also yikes, you started at 1000-1200? No one I've known has started above 800, starting at >1000 is crazy impressive...

@knightrider1981 I‘m sure you will improve. Another recommendation is to join a chess club and play against players around your strength or slightly above.

@RG621, @superchessmachine thanks!

@willowpark I‘m sure you can also improve.

@torrubirubi thank you. I hope they were helpful.

@Immortal101 I noticed during OTB play that my thought processes had became worse due to too much blitz. I have taken a break from online play. I am only doing my 5 tactics a day here at the moment.
@maik1988 I have only heard good things about these books. I should also pick them up at some point.


i just noticed after reaching 1900, you are only playing unrated games. it is a good thing to still play rated games to see if you can maintain it.

I meant the level you get to, when:
-You know how the pieces move
-You know how to count material
-You don‘t put your pieces where they can be captured by less-valued pieces
-You notice and capture free pieces.

This is the level I was at 2 years ago and had always been. I never was below 1000 on as far as I can recall.
@jambyvedar The unrated games were played blindfolded. As I stated in a previous post, I have taken a break from online blitz.