Finally break thorough 2000+ tactics rating

Skinnyhorse wrote:

    I was at 1907 and just lost 10 or 9 points (now at 1897) because like a idiot, I didn't realize my Knight on g4 was backward protecting the f2 square.  For some idiot reason, I sometimes fail to notice that pieces not only forward protect, but that they also backward protect.  

     For a week or more, I have been completely demoralized about doing tactics.  

Skinnyhorse! Long time no see!

divineanimal wrote:

The Maxim Block book is like $500 on Amazon. Where do you get it cheaper? I got the Polgar one and am really looking forward to it. What do you think of her father's books?


179 actually. And it's a very good book.

I borrowed it from my chess club library. You should always ask your chess friends if they have a book before you buy it.


I guess someone bought that one.



     I'm going to brag.  I'm up to 1990 or so in tactics.  For me that's good.


     Some day soon, I'm going to get my hair cut, take a bath, use the toilet and inhale a big gulp of fresh air and try to bust 2000 in tactics. 




Nice! I'm hovering around low 1800's myself, with the ultimate goal of achieving a tactics rating of 2000+. "Slow is smooth... smooth is fast!"