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    JayeshSinhaChess escribió:

    You mean Nxe4. Yes it does, but in a 3I0 game what are the chances he will pass on the queen.

    Well, after only 8 moves, if I saw a free queen, I would be suspicious and take 5-10 seconds of my time to check nothing strange is going on.

    Did you see 8. Nxe4 before playing 7.Ne4? If you did, that would be what some authors call hope chess.


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    Good job dude!
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    ArgoNavis wrote:

    In the game dragoneyz vs you, doesn't 8.Nxe4 just leave white a piece up?


    The temptation to take the Black queen is simply irresistible to many players. White must have not suspected that 8...Bxf2# is mate, regardless of whether he/she saw 8...Bxf2# as a check or not.

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    Lets just say the success of that game did depend on the greed of the opponent.


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