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find position in chessbase

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    I would to work this kind of position :








    So to learn how to build an attack on the kingside playing Qh4.

    Do you know, please, how to set this kind of position in chessbase to find games looking this one ?

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    With Chessbase 11?

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    I have chessbaselight premium

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    you can search for the position, but it will only give you exact matches for that.  If instead you put in only those pieces (using "set up board" from a blank board) critical, and the essential pawn structure, you should get relevant results.


    I would try putting in only the Kings, Rooks on f-file, Ne5, Nf6, Bb7, Bd3, Qe1, and the pawns on the d-h files, maybe including Black's a6 and White's c3 if the return is too many.

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    Thanks, it is good clues. Looks better putting adding a queen on h4 or g3.


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