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For chess trivia fans - a quiz

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    cool quiz!!I got 10 out of 16 correct!Laughing

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    Sxxx! I got them all right! The words 'life', 'a' and 'get' come to mind.

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    Congratulations Cris. Looking through the statistics, I see that you are the first person to answer all the questions correctly on the first try.

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    I got all 16 the first time.  Not a bad quiz.


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    Nice quiz! Had to guess on one or two, but got all 16 right :-D

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    15/16. Got the Staunton picture wrong, mainly because the previous question had been about Staunton so I instinctively avoided that answer again.


    Also, not sure about the question about the three strongest players never to have won the world championship, since I was very tempted to go for the Bronstein and Geller group (forgot who the last player was).

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    In retrospective, the quiz appears way too easy. The average score is something aroud 74%. I'm considering making another one, more difficult...


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