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Free Simuls by National Master and other titled players

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    I have the best coaching group on chess.com with over 7,100 members in my free video lesons group and I aim to please by giving back to the chess world for all the joy I have derived from the game. I'm going to do these once a week, and by May, should be able to handle more. Also, I have had other titled players give simuls before, I'll see if I can't get more of these soon.


    To enter a simul in Live Chess, please join my group: http://www.chess.com/groups/join?id=14246


    then read and post a reply in this topic to get a spot in all futurre simuls I give. I will get to all in time: 



    Thanks for your time.

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    MiniJava wrote:

    Great idea ! By the way i just drooped a comment on that topic . is that enough to register ? Time or date ?

    Yes, and the time and date for next simul is in the topic.

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    plus, I have an FM member who will probably give onethis weekend. Announcement coming....

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    Can I sign up to give a simul?

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    @CraiggoryC, if you choose to play a simul, sign me up as one of the participants :)

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    id like to try a simul when u can

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    i would like to play


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