French Chess Players


I am off to Paris tomorrow. I love that city except for one thing, they call their Metro lines by numbers. How boring, London has names for its underground lines, some better than others. Piccadilly is a great name.

I propose to the Mayor of Paris to call the Metro lines after great chess players. They could have Alekine, Spassky, Philidor, Janowski, Duchamp (a nod to the arty), Rossolimo, Benko. I think from memory there are eight lines so the mayor can choose the last one. There are many names to choose from.

Now get on with it without further ado.

It is much more likely that they be named after artists, that way each line could be decorated in the style of that artist. While I love chess, that would be much cooler.
If you are going to be in Paris, check which days the play chess in the Jardin du Luxembourg. It is possibly the most beautiful chess venue in the world

If you're going to Paris, see if you can visit the Jardin du Luxembourg on one of the days when they are playing chess under the chestnut trees. It is one of the most beautiful and historic chess venues on earth; dozens of rapid games being played in a magnificent part in the heart of Paris