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Good chess books?

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    Hi everyone. My rating(blitz) here is 944. I'm looking for a book to study. I need good tactics and strategy books. And I have another question. At my level it is recommended to study masters matches? If so suggest me books with commented games and if possible a software that can help me with this.


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    My standard answer to this is to check out Coach Heisman's web site at danheisman.com.  He has a great recommended books section.  

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    I've started watching Dan Heisman's Chess.com TV show, and pretty much everything he says makes sense to me. I suggest taking a look at the books he recommends at his site, and taking a look at his collection of Novice Nook articles.


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    And of course all these threads are archived so a "search forums" should result in about 17 gazillion previous posts on member recommended books many of which contain excellent advice.

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    944?  You should be reading books on endgames.  After that, tactics.  After that, strategy.  Avoid opening books until you're 1800+.

    Reason to study endgames first is if you don't know how to win/draw K+P vs K, or K+R+P vs K+R, then what do you think happens when you add 20 more pieces to the board?  You just get more confused!


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