Good Sport/Bad Sport. How I decide.


I understand very well how statistical analysis works. The case of cheat detection is far removed from the situation under discussion, which is that of perhaps millions of "reports" being made on a daily basis. The nature of the reports are subjective by nature. Cheat detection is an objective task, undertaken with clearly defined standards.

It does become scary, when a computer program is left with the task of decision making when the only data provided is on the most part subjective.


Nobody said it is 100% subjective, not even close. Take the time to read some examples as, rematches, flagging, take-backs ... examples of subjective values that many players truly believe is a marker for judging sportsmanship. Not to mention all the times players honestly feel they lost to a program and finish by clicking on thumbs down.


Besides, there already exists the monitoring of disconnects. After the game, a pop-up appears that the opponent has been warned ... same for letting time run out. Making a ticket is not necessary, the site already knows. Clicking on bad sport is unnecessary as the site already is aware of the behavior. Players are often convinced they lost to a program. How many of the bad sport reports are due to perception and rage, rather than any actual breach of etiquette ?


Well, in the grand scheme of my life I actually have real concerns. So I'm checking out of this conversation. Cheers. 

CDMDaddy wrote:

Actually, objection to it based on the theory it will be abused (the only seeming legitimate reason to object to it) is self-contradictory.  Because only bad sports would abuse it.  Which makes the case that bad sports are a problem, and need to be called out.  

Well, checking out of your thread is understandable. The reasoning employed here is faulty indeed. Players feel justified in their use of the feature for many reasons,  none of which are abusive in nature. You are suggesting "bad sports" be called out? Named and shamed? Members marked with thumbs down totals? The OP gave reasons for voting one way or another. Many of them are simply guesses regarding the opponent. Maybe this, maybe that happened therefor he'll vote up here and down there. Then it becomes expected an algorithm will keep track and sort out the millions of games played every day, making judgements of valid reports vs rage ones.

Frankly, the OP makes insinuation that disagreeing with his all out support of the feature means but one thing- opponents are "afraid" of being labeled. He concludes they must be included in the same breath as those that intentionally abuse the system, as they also are acting abusively. Could this not be construed as being unsportsmanlike, making these assertions? He flat out stated disagreeing with the sites policies leaves members open for retribution by staff. He says get unfairly labeled? -just create another account. No big deal.  I'm afraid the OP is just very young, quite confused in his thoughts.

In theory, it's a great idea. Questions are raised regarding it's use. It's far from being the same as thumbs up/down in social media, where you like or dislike a tweet. The idea of labeling and then categorizing players based on data, data that is often subjective can be a troublesome idea. Especially if membership is not made aware of how it is being used and the criteria remains hidden.

Anyway the OP is right .. it's time to check out. Our opinions have been expressed, perhaps overly so. It's a polarizing topic.