Good trade or not.


If you find yourself in a situation that you could trade the Queen for 2 rooks, would you trade?

Completely circumstantial. Just like all trades, you need to consider who is left in the better position. Material wise, 2 rooks are +10 and a queen is worth +9, so in a scenario where the time is running low, you could trade a queen for two rooks, and totally disregard the position afterwards if there’s less than 10 seconds left.

The point is, consider how the pieces are set after the trade is complete and how those pieces will benefit each of you.

Points are just cursory. For example theoretically trading a knight and a bishop for a rook and a pawn (which is quite often a choice in the Italian game) is pointwise an equal trade, but rarely a good idea.

For some reason I though points had value, but now I remember the points used to be very important in grade school because whoever was leading would be the winner. Funny how I never really internalized it not being part of the game