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Greatest Chess Photos

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    Concerning the photos in #1430, Monte Carlo 1902 -

    Several years ago I  made a website that detailed this tournament.  The reason for my interest is the location; the director, Arnous de Rivière; the president, Prince Dadian of Mingrelia; the greuling pairing system;  the scoring system (the same as in 1902): awarding ¼ pt. for a draw, but all draws had to be replayed and "in case of a second draw, another ¼ point is added to the score of each. Otherwise the winner of the second game will receive an additional ½ point, or ¾ in all;" the fact that Pillsbury play in 1902, which he didn't in 1901.  It was a very intriguing tournament for anyone interested in such things

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    Curacao, 1962

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    Great photos

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    Guess who?Bobby Fischer to 13 years

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    I want to buy a Tal poster - doesnt anyone know where? Very hard to find online... Ive only found this great shot and they wont ship to the Netherlands... http://www.amazon.com/Fischer-Mikhail-Leipzig-Championship-Americans/dp/B00DM15NFQ/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1375967437&sr=8-12&keywords=Mikhail+tal

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    If you have a good photo, you could have it printed at a site like Shutterfly.

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    Did this thread die? or tranformed to another?


    My pictures of the great people :)

    The famous Toronto (Canada) chess organizer Vlad Dobrich. He organized many Opens what attracted >200 players. Brought B.Spassky to Canada and was his personal driver. He and his friends published chess magazine for several years. These days he runs rapid OTB tournaments every Saturday. Last Saturday we celebrated 50 years of his endeavour.

    Here he talks about the endgame what he played with many GM :)


    Chess player.

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    some ivanchuck pics i found recently

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    Damn, if only Chucky was hugging me in that pic!

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    Viktor Korchnoi, Saint-Petersburg, May 1992, first visit after emigration.


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    i mean no disrespect to this amazing forum thread, i just wanted to share a little bit of frivolty with the community. enjoy :D

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    jpd303 wrote:

    i mean no disrespect to this amazing forum thread, i just wanted to share a little bit of frivolty with the community. enjoy :D

    I thought the images you posted were a worthwhile contribution. No apology is necessary.

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    Homepage of the Zürich Chess Challenge with pictures of the tournament 1953:


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    I'm going to have this thread locked. Its time has passed in that those truly great photos are quite hard to come by. Also, anyone having load-time issues will not see them get worse.

    It's been great. The best example of community effort that I've seen here.

    My thanks to all of you for making it such a fun time.

    Please feel free to start up a Greatest Chess Photos II.

This forum topic has been locked

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