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Happy to reach 1600 blitz

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    This has been my goal. Now I have achieved it. I feel really very happy. Hopefully I will continue to beat 1600s and reach 1700 soon. That is my second goal.

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    I'm going to take a wild guess at your third goal. And fourth. And fifth...

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    Fancy knight, I was going to post saying that my third goal is 1800 once I have reached 1700. The fourth goal is a little distant but hopefully once I have gained a LOT of experience then I can reach 1900.

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    After I reach 1900, I intend to just maintain it, and if I can do that succesfully aim for 2000.

    And if I can reach 2000 then I will aim for a title.

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    Where and when is the party? Laughing

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    Of course, if you get an NM title you would want an IM title, then when you get that you would want GM, and so on until you reach the final goal of being the top player, after which you have nothing to aspire to. Poor carlsen :(

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    Fancy knight,

    Yes, but if I do beat Carlsen I will be looking to improve my endgame talent.


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