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Hats off to you all!!!

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    I have about 25 to 30 games going ..I see some of you have 100 plus wow hats off 2 U.....Ny   Blows my mind...

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    Ita all part the long halt training we all go through in one way or another. With Internet its allot easier to find games to study as well as go through and finding new players. But in the olden days, we spent playing postal chess, blind fold chess, OTB games as well as those that enjoy the challenge and get more games under their belt simual's of 10 to 50 games at at a time. And lots and lots of book study and practice. And the toughest game of all against yourself playing as best as you can for both sides. And since you already know what your doing for both sides I assure its a toughest game by yourself. And of course study future opponets games to better prepare yourself for the next tournament game with them, as well as studying your pass games especially those you lose to see what needs to be improved on.

    As for playing lots of games here it can become a task if you really want to win all your games by taking your time, but just to have fun and play lots of different people and have fun and taxing if you spent much time thinking about each as you prepare to move. 

    Myself normally 20 to 30 games in my queue, unless  I entered to many tournaments and that could be lots more games in my game queue!

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    Very cool you thought about it..

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    yes I learn, and advance even though I am playing close to 100 games at a time. the most I have ever had going at one time was 160

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    I think it's a bit unethical to keep your opponents waiting just because you are playing 200 games at a time, I'm in this tournament and we had to wait 12(!) days for the last game to finish, the guy playing the game had no chance of advancing in the tournament, was a queen down, and was playing probably over a hundred games at a time. Now I know everybody has the right to take maximum time, if it's the nice thing to do however is something else.

    Personally I don't care too much about online chess, live is where it's at for me.

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    if you don't like online chess then join a chess club and play otb. I do both

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    with online I mean correspondence,


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