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Have you ever been blocked by somebody you never knew existed?

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    I just had some turkey noodle soup.

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    LisaV wrote:

    I got blocked by a unicorn once.  

    I'm amused when people block the entire RSS group indiscriminately, particularly when some of us have never heard of the person.  Guess it removes a perceived threat....

    Same thing happen to me, especially I was blocked by PP3 but the thing is he got his cronies to blocked me that I have never met.

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    Turkey gravy helps unblock you.

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    A turkey ghost keeps floating around my house.

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:

    A turkey ghost keeps floating around my house.

    Musta been one of those bursting turkeys.  >:[

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    I usually only block people long enough to deal with someone particular.... I usually take them off of block because I begin to feel facist if I don't...

    Who ever did it to you probably isn't anyone you want to befriend anyway.....so it is no loss

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    Timotheous wrote:

    I was once blocked by cheese.

    Me too.

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    Yes, I have been blocked by members for some pretty menial things.  The most common is simply disagreeing with a member.  Some people just don't like it when others don't just immediately agree with them.

    Only one I know of who has me blocked and I can't even remember having any interaction with them. 

    Would be interesting to see a list of people who have me blocked ^_^

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    I think we should be able to see a list....that way we don't have to waste our time reading their forum posts, only to find we can't respond...

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    Not a bad idea.

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    Stevie65 wrote:

    Wheres the monster that never existed...He'd need a memory card to store his blocks.

    That little weasel blocked me for pointing out the fallacy of his argument.  I think he's having a difficult toilet training.


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