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What is "rage-quitting"?


Hi . . I got that pop up. 

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just yesterday, prior to being allowed to play in a game, i received a popup asking me to agree to a fair play policy.

what? For the life of me i can't think any of the 100+ games i've played here would I remotely resemble me receiving any type of assistance from anyone.

Also I  don't think I ever abandoned a game! Maybe in the olden days when I had a dial up internet.

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I only play mostly groups matches using my KINDLE tablet.

I don't have a cell phone!

Oh well I better watch my step! . . .



i didn’t get the pop up. mainly because i jacked in chess and no longer get punched in the face by a FairPlay bot for refusing to play an engine dweeb with no goolies.


 I use mostly 3 day moves on purpose and I'm 81 using at least two days to move.

I found this today. Thought I would share it. . . .

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Effective date: March 25, 2019 has become the largest online chess community with millions of active members representing every country on the planet. Our goal is to create a fun, safe, and fair place for all chess fans to enjoy the game.

We encourage all members to treat others how they would like to be treated and to follow the specific guidelines below. Players and community members who are unable to follow these rules will be subject to warnings, restricted privileges, separated playing pools, or even having their accounts closed.

Community Conduct Policy

Be kind, helpful, and forgiving.
Do not abuse, attack, threaten, discriminate, or mistreat other members in any way.
Do not hijack threads, troll, or post distracting or meaningless content.
Do not post spam, advertisements, or copy/paste comments and messages.
Do not excessively promote your club.
Do not publicly debate religious or political topics.
Do not post obscene or pornographic content.
Do not discuss illegal activities.
Do not open more than one account.

Sportsmanship Policy

Do not abort games frequently.
Do not make your opponents wait unnecessarily.
Do not disconnect or quit without resigning when lost.
Do not harass or accuse your opponents.

Fair Play Policy

Do not get help from any other person, player, or coach
Do not allow anyone else to use your account or access anyone else's account
Do not use chess engines, bots, plugins or any tools that analyze positions during play
You may use Opening Explorer or other opening books without engine evaluations in Daily chess only
Do not artificially manipulate ratings, matches, or game outcomes
Do not interfere with the game-play of other members You may use Opening Explorer, or other non-engine opening book s in Daily chess only You may not use tablebases, or any other resources which reveal the best move Do not "blunder check" or do any analysis of your games in progress

If you suspect your opponent is using outside help, this is not an excuse for you to do the same. Please report the player.

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don’t discriminate it says, and then goes on to discriminate against religious people.


  "What is "rage-quitting"?                                                                                                                                       

ghost_of_pushwood wrote:

You can however consult a ouija board, if you like.

Years ago in a USCF postal game, I had 5 possible moves to choose from. I wrote down each move and picked a rune to see which one I should play. The one that got Tyr I played and won--as the rune of victory would portend.


Was that during your I Ching phase?


Wow, I'm still thinking of Carol Merrill...

Image result for carol merrill let's make a deal

blueemu wrote:
AlCzervik wrote:

has anyone else seen this popup?

Everybody, as far as I know. It's just a legalistic cover-your-ass message, so they can boot and ban anyone who cheats or harasses their opponents.

Confirmed. I got it, too, and I've never been accused of any cheating or bad manners. It's apparently just a cover-their-butt legal thing.  As a teacher, I had to go through a code of conduct booklet with students and have them and their parents sign an I-read-and-agree agreement form each year so that students who were suspended, etc, couldn't claim they didn't know the policies.


I'm having a similar problem since Monday, I belive. Haven't disconnected in losing positions or anything like that, the only connection to anything abusive I can think of is that I lost one game to a guy who has since been banned for breaking the fair play rules. That shouldn't affect me (and they even gave me back the rating points I lost in that game), so it's quite weird. I don't know if this is something I should try to contact them about, as I figured it would have been settled by now. I have tried to satisfy my blitz hunger on other platforms during this, which feels kinda weird.