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Hiding My Rating?

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    no such feature, but good idea.  Is it to hide for yourself or for others to see?  A lot of people cancel challenges because of low rating, they only want to play stronger opponents.  

    Whenever I play I try to figure out their strentgh by the way they respond to my moves not looking at their ratings at all until the end.  So it would be good to have that on and off option too.

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    I was just thinking about wanting to do this myself and did a forum search. did anything every come of this? I would like to hide ratings as well as an option, I just don't want them in my field of view at all during a match.

    my two pawns worth.. Laughing

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    People put way too much emphasis on their rating. Only professional players need to be concerned about their rating. For the rest of us what does it matter? Just have fun and enjoy your games.It's just a number.

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    This is absolutely needed. I put way too much emotional investment in my own rating as it rises and falls. It frustrates me when i see it go down and I stop playing way before I should because of it. That doesn't mean I want to play unrated games. I want to be competitive, I just don't want to watch it go down.

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    If you care so much about your rating then why not just play unrated games? When I play blitz at my local club all of the games are unrated and we still have a lot of fun.

    A rating is just a number that helps match you against similar players. Unless you are a professional then it does not matter at all. We all suck at chess compared to grandmasters, but we still have fun.

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    If you play unrated games the rating will always be the same...

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    idea, you can change your background and text to white.

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    Have you tried sticking a piece of masking-tape on your monitor?

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    blueemu wrote:

    Have you tried sticking a piece of masking-tape on your monitor?

    Don't be silly, you should always use duct tape.

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    @Stapleton - you beat a GM and an IM and your blitz rating is 1800? Of course these wins were on other sites, not chess.com - very convenient. Sorry, but that is impossible. When you beat your next GM can you please post the game links here so we can admire your chess ability?

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    @BigNose - your blitz rating is 1800? and your standard is 1580, what does this say about your chess game? either 1 of 2 things, or both. You memorize chess moves far too much and lack the ability to problem solve for yourself. or 2. You use time to save you in losing positions, keep in mind your ISP has nothing to do with your chess abilities. But ofcourse even in my worse game type, blitz and bullet I have already beat a master on here, review my blitz games if you have admirations. :)

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    Gee, he slays titled players right and left and he's the cutest little dickens you ever saw as well.

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    Kaluki wrote:

    There is unrated, but I would like to see my progress every once in awhile... 

    And yet...according to you you're not progressing, but fading fast (that's quite a conundrum).


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