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Homo Erectus -> Sapiens -> Checkmatus

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    Chessplayer goes to his doctor and asks what's wrong with him.

    Doctor says : Son , sit down , this is gonna take a minute :

    First of all , chess players are widely considered to be a weird species . Most people try to avoid conflicts , but they , they just seem to grow on them. They are risking their lives when facing their opponent with nothing but that small board in between them.
    They are fighters,warriors ,these are the guys that killed the mammoths.Adrenaline and testosteron was invented by them.

    Secondly , chess players are known to have a more than average IQ . But they seem to use it mainly to outsmart the other smart guys.
    Now in a real chess game this behaviour can be most productive. Then you will need to have some feeling of superiority over your opponent or else he/she will slaughter you.The fittest of the survivors so to say.

    Finaly, chess players in general are somewhat socially-handicapt.They will never do good on TV . They are a subset of the nerd-class.Some of them are even incapable to communicate with the outer world at all.

    You see son , doctor says , you are basically beyond treatment .Sorry , little I can do here I'm afraid. The only advice left I can give is this : go surf on the internet , find yourself a chess website and join a Forum.

    What's your opinion on my doctors advise ?

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    Lol, sounds about right to me.


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