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How are people rated like 500-600?

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    Yep, chess can be enjoyed at any level. Don't let the Looney-Tunes get ya down.

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    My CC rating is 1350.

    My blitz rating is 600.

    For CC I study the board and make the best move I can think of.

    For blitz I use a RMG (random move generator).

    I dream of the day I can get my blitz up to 700...

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    Thanks to the last few posters.you'very re-invigorated my enthusiasm.I'm not giving up.I'm going to continue to practice and learn....I'm even considering joining a club in NYC.

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    Wow!i'm totally blown away by the fact that you put so so much time and effort into your reply to me . For me to just say thank you seems inadequate. I'm sure that you would be glad to know that I watched the London System video on YouTube last week before I knew of your suggestion and I loved it-especially since I had never heard of it or encountered it in the beginner's books that I had read or skimmed when I was a kid. Icant wait to try it out! Thank you for what you have done for me and for others who will read your reply to me. My religious faith-Jewish on the outside,Christian on the inside lol-informs me that you

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    will be rewarded on the chessboard and off. Do

    you have any guidelines specifically related to pawn structure? I'm humble enough to admit that that's a huge weakness in my game right now?thanks again and I look forward to the day that I will be skillful enough to help someone in the way that you have given your help to me.

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    Thanks again I look fwd to applying your suggestions. I also have a suggestion for other near beginners/returnees.I bought Bruce pandolfini's book beginning chess and I love it! It's a great intro/refresher re:basic tactics and the 300 puzzles have improved my tactical vision tremendously as has the tactical trainer here at chess.com

    I highly recommend both !

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    Ronnee wrote:

    Well if you are interrupted during play incessantly you DROP in score.

    If you start a game and need to rush to another task ...game abandonment you drop in score. However I really think that some players CANNOT ...are not euipped brain wise to handle chess moves. You must remember this is chess requires an enhanced RIGHT BRAIN hemisphere. If you have an enlarged RIGHT BRAIN you will be a good player. Some ambidextrous players who have EQUALLY enhanced RIGHT and LEFT brain hemispheres play better. Homosexuals actually have a wider corpus collosum connecting the 2 brains and you find these people are quite clever. JUST LIKE there are MATHS dummies and LANGUAGE dummies ...the same applies to chess.   Greta Chess players are not better than PRIME MINISTERS or top athletes ...they only play chess with ease 

    I just had to post to point out that this is factually incorrect and one of the most common misconceptions about the human brain. Sources provided if requested via PM.

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    Some people, like me, are stupid. Deal with it.

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    I_Am_Second wrote:

    0-1000 Player has just learned the game, they constantly leave pieces en prise, and make many blunders. Player has no tactical, endgame, or positional knowledge. Absolutely No evaluation or analytical skills.

    1000-1100 Beginning player now has several games under their belt. They have very basic tactical knowledge and they continue to make blunders and to leave pieces en prise. Plays without plan.

    1100-1200 Beginning player continues to make many blunders. At this level they have learned basic tactics. Occasionally leaves pieces en prise, but this is not a common occurrence. Sometimes plays with a plan, but the plan is usually incorrect. At this point the player sees many offensive tactics but they miss most defensive tactics.

    1200-1300 Player begins to understand that chess is a two player game, and begins to ask what the opponent’s last move is threatening. Blunders still occur but less frequently. One major reason for their rating increase, is that player stops leaving pieces en prise. Player has intermediate tactical skills but still misses many defensive tactical shots. Starts to build an opening repertoire, which gets them into the middlegame with a better position. Very limited endgame and positional skills. Starts making better plans due to limited endgame and positional knowledge.

    1300-1400 Advanced beginner. Players at this level have reached an intermediate thought process. player Looks for Checks, Captures and threats after opponents moves. Does not leave pieces en prise. Very good with offensive tactics and improving on the defensive tactics side, but still misses some. Still building opening repertoire. Starts learning basic endgame and middlegame strategy, but knowledge is still very basic. This level is an important milestone for the beginning chess player because they are on the verge of being an intermediate player.

    1400-1500 Intermediate level player. Good thought process, does not leave pieces en prise. Advanced tactically, both on offense and defense (might occasionally miss a defensive tactic). Has an opening repertoire and plays pet openings. Has intermediate endgame, positional and analysis skills. One of the reasons for low rating is players poor positional evaluation abilities. Will probably need a chess coach to improve further.

    1500-1700 Advanced intermediate player. Advanced tactical skills and thought process. Player has Intermediate endgame and positional skills at this stage. Intermediate positional evaluation and analysis skills. Should have a chess trainer, and play against strong opposition in order to improve as well as a strong focus on the endgame, positional and evaluation skills.

    1700-1900 Near expert level player. Advanced tactical skills and thought process. Very strong endgame and positional skills. Intermediate evaluation skills. Very good analyst. Player needs to continue focusing on evaluation and analysis skills. Opening theory knowledge becomes an important component for further improvement. Player has a good database of structures that that can help them when they reach unfamiliar positions in OTB play. Player should reach expert level in approximately 2 more years, which falls in line with expert theory which claims that it takes 10 years to become an expert in any field.

    I did not had any plan really or opening(as black after 1.d4 d5 he plays Bf4 and i was like what strange opening, maybe he wants to sac on c7...) , or tactical or endgame knowledge (besides common checkmates, forget about king and pawn endgame zero knowledge) until i reached 1400-1500. To reach 1500 you need two things. General opening principle and safe check. Check if it is safe after each move. Thats it. Havent study patterns or tactics or strategy. Just put 2 pawns at center, develop pieces and castle and try not to blunder. And with black i played ugly stuff. For example 1.e4 d5 and then exd5 and i play 2...e5! (many did not know an pasant rule!) I played my own opening moves to get out of book my opponents early to have a mess on the board so i can take all the free pieces they give me.

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    Because that is the talent they were born with. After all, your rating is not that spectacular.

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    Why my bullet rating is so low compared to my tactics rating.

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    When I first started I thought I was 1500 elo and even went easy on people. But then I realized (after a lot of losses) that you elo was barely 500 elo, I slowly became stronger after a while. And here I am today standing at 1150.
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    LM_player wrote:
    When I first started I thought I was 1500 elo and even went easy on people. But then I realized (after a lot of losses) that you elo was barely 500 elo, I slowly became stronger after a while. And here I am today standing at 1150.

    Yea exacly what i am talking about in another topic, players, adult mostly, who starting to play chess , they first think they are average if not above average player, becouse if they are smart, that would mean they will have succes in chess, ego man ego.

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    I began playing chess 6 weeks ago, as in, I'd fooled around with the board a few times in my life and never anything past that. I'm 32 years old. My score started at whatever they start you off at, dropped to around 350, and has JUST TODAY risen above 500. Mind you, I've played more times here than I should have while tired, stressed, etc. I'm truly probably a 600-650 worthy at this point.

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