how do you achieve NM status

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    its still 300 games aww-rats which is quite  an achievement. they had for a short time the Life master norm thing that was totally absurd. requiring 3 2200 performances in 5 round events. So some experts figured out they can create small hand picked events with 1900 ish players and gain their norms with a perfect score. It might be hard to do this in an open event but if you play the same people you can nail them down opening wise and create 5 or 6 events and bam theres your rating floor and NM title . you also didnt have to complete the event either just get the 2200 performance. 

    I would hope you get your LM title I feel that 300 games at the 2200 level is a serious achievement.

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    ya i just know some "masters" that make a living off telling everyone they are Masters that were infact perma-experts. I find the ethics a bit shady when the tournaments to achieve the norms were handpicked players and so obviously made for one purpose. Clever use of the rules but its easy to see why they discontinued it. 

    As far as the paper goes its just like any paper or achievement even diplomas are just paper. 

    saw you played a Young Shirazi in a rapid event,... ouch. that guy was amazing at fast time controls. Watched him and then FM Cy Lakdawala go at it in San diego in the late 80's brutal.

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    yeah if I ever get a title (GM is my goal even if I acheive it when I am 80, which would be cool[hopefuly not some honorary BS either, real deal or nothing]) the first thing I would do is send in my FIDE number and get the complimentary membership.

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    hushpuckena wrote:


    That was a tough event-lost to two IMs (Rind was the other) and drew with Manik, after letting him out in a won ending. I figured Dzindzhi was odds-on to win that but he somehow lost to Manik. Dzin was a terror in quick play; I remember playing him at Harvard in the late 1980s and he'd lazily play his moves as though he had five hours instead of five minutes. With a little more drive, he had the knowledge and understanding to become a Candidate. His comprehension was frightening.

    Lazy, distracted, etcetera.

    He made the top 10 in the FIDE list. Pretty much a monster. That ain't hay.

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    Agreed he is funny to watch in his videos and his approach is quite unique. I think sometimes he forgets that us normal players lack the technique and understanding to pull off some of his ideas though.

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    Interesting to see what results come up for Google searched questions.

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