How Good Is This Book For Improving My Endgame?

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    I find that I lose a lot of games in the endgame. I really suck at finishing a wom game. I recently purchased Jeremy Sillmans Endgame book. I'm wondering what you guys think of it? I've been studying (over and over) the class D and class C sections. I think I'm more in the class D rank but I also find the class C stuff useful. What do you guys think of this book? Thanks

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    It's a good book.  Not as detailed as FCE or Dvoretsky's, but he focuses on really practical stuff so everything you learn is useful.

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    If you work on your endings, they will improve, it's almost like magic.  I don't have that book but Silman is a skilled author & teacher.

    Another very basic but excellent old book is Averbakh's Chess Endings:  Essential Knowledge, only about 100 pages or so but packed full of essential knowledge (hence the title).  It's still available, and I often see used copies on Amazon for $5 or so.

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    thanks to all who replied..I can see the value in studying this. the whole chicken coup idea is riveting and understanding rook pawns and how you can use them as a drawing mechanism is quite intriguing..I wish I had known these things a few months ago when I lost some games to a chess friend/rival..haha..I probably would have won those games and drew some of the ones I won..thanks again

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