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How I got to be 1000 ELO - You'll like this one :)

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    I noticed some things that are glaringly obvious:

    1.You simply dropped a pawn in the opening.  Better to expand the pawn since Ng4 and the pawn is already supported by a knight and h3 bounces it.  Though black would likely play Ne4 keeping the tension.  4.e5,Ne4 now 5.d4 is correct opening lines and supporting the cramping pawn.

    2.Nxd7 to take is usually a mistake, and the knight was supported by the pawn. Nxd7 and you release tension. 

    3.Qxd7 blocking the bishop is obviously incorrect (I'm looking from both sides).

    4.Normally trading knight for bishop is incorrect.  However, in this postion the bishop doesn't have much of a future and the Nf6 exerts an important influence over the center and supports the cramping e4 pawn, so an ! for you.

    5.Bb4+ it's incredible how people will default to a check if they don't know what to do (if a move improves your opponent's position then it should be discarded) instead of the principle of the least active piece.  Now black is slipping badly.  9...Qd5 would have given an edge to black by exerting greater central influence, threatening a piece forcing white to react, and opening his bishop's line.  If 9...Qd5 you would probably play 10.Nc3 threatening the queen, and now 10...Bb4 is appropriate as it keeps the queen's central position.

    11.Bd3 seems reasonable, except for 11...Qxd4! exploiting the pin winning a pawn.  11.Bc4 maintains an edge, controls a central square, and follows the principle of the least active piece. 

    11...Qxd4 12.0-0,Qd5 and it is unclear to me who is better, black has an extra pawn, but it's doubled, there's an open center, black has the bishop pair in the open position, which is normally a clear edge, though the Ba5 is passive, but the white Ne4 is pretty active, white is castled, no real way to exploit the centralized black king, castling is a realistic prospect for black, possibly on either side, Ba5 is inactive, but can fall back to c7 if needed. 

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    Nice for you, obviously. I'm not saying it's bad, but work is needed. Everyone needs to improve. And good luck getting to 2000! It's impossible!

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    Never say something is impossible tliu1222! Just "really really really frustratingly, hair tearing out hard!" Laughing

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    2000 ? Hard? Impossible? Must be a joke o.0

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    lol beating a player that is 250 points lower and then bragging about it on the forums ? come back when you've beaten a 1250 :D


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