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How much does your rating matter to you?

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    I was curious how important a rating is to the other players here. I am normally in the 1400s here and whenever that is the case i am satisfied with my rating BUT sometimes when it drops in the 1300s I really don't like it. Once in awhile i will also go into the 1500s but i really don't expect to stay there for long. Is this what most of you feel as well or am i over preoccupied with my rating?

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    There are different ratings for different types of chess. My ICCF Correspondence ratings means a lot more to me than my USCF over the board rating. My USCF is 2188 which is 12 point shorts of master.  It has been there that exact rating for 40 years and in those  40 years I did not try to improve to 2200 as I was much more interested in Correspondence chess.

    [of course now it would be a benefit to me as I would get free membership here]

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    Online rating doesn't really mean anything to me.

    Mt OTB matters a fair bit. Since I work as a chess coach, the higher my rating is the more work ill get.

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    With two small children in the house I often find that I am too tired when playing. I expect my rating to rise about 1.000 points when they become so old that they start to sleep normally ;-)

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    Somewhere between what brand of dryer sheets I buy and the orientation of my newspaper as it lands on the driveway.

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    OTB rating matters a lot cuz a high rating would look cool.Online rating not too much.

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    My OTB rating means a lot to me because i worked very hard for it, my rating here does not mean much since a lot of times i am trying new things or moving quickly without really studying the board.

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    I am told I think entirely too much about ratings and I should play the player, not the rating. That's easy to say but very hard to do. I'd be lying if I said I didn't pay attention to it

    And of course my rating is laughable and keeps going down and it sucks big time.

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    I ran a newspaper ad in the local paper trying to find the tournament director from long ago or someone who played in the two tournaments but no luck.

    Now, that my chess has deteriorated, I wish I got those 12 points.

    My correspondence rating still above 2500 [guess they can't take that one away--though I was screwed out of credit for many won games.] 

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    it matters nothing because my rating would be bad anyway even if it were higher

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    In the pecking order of chess, you usually only get to play better players as your rating itself gets higher. You get a lot more out of playing rated players a few hundred points above you than a few hundred points below you, especially if you analyze your games. In tournaments and match play it's nice to be paired with those in your rating range, in which case it's better to be the "worst of the best" rather than the "best of the worst."  

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    I dont Think so much about loosing rating but when i win rating i am really happy!

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    I care about my online rating about as much as everyone else cares about my online rating. OTB rating is all anyone cares about 

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    it matters to me because women get impressed by my chess rating


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