How much time do you spend on chess in a day?

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    i mainly play blitz because of the website projects am working on and the modelling am also doing.

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    I love Standard because you can think a lot. I love Bullet because you can win by time. And I love blitz because of its moderateness (or whatever you call it). I spend time on as much as I can. It depends - 1 hour to 5 hours. Anything! This is such a great place to improve your Chess skills and make new friends! Please tell others to join too! 

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    I use the 15/10 option.

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    A considerable amount. Even right now at work, just load up Chess Titans and then begin loosing.

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    I spend at least two hours studying chess and probably another hour playing or reading forums at daily. Sometimes more.

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    I was spending at least 5 hours a day on my days off before.  Now I only come on enough to keep my online games afloat.  Maybe I'll get over the burnout when I get my premium membership back.  I'm also trying to learn programming though so I probably won't have that much time anymore.

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    I'm running 4-6 hours everyday between studying, playing, tactics, forums,etc.

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    I use to spend a lot, near 3 hours a day studying and playing. Now that fall came around, I'm too busy with school, homework, a girlfriend, a job, and social life to really spend much, if any time on chess. Sad :(

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    Is there anything other than chess that one could do while awake?

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    Ziryab wrote:

    Is there anything other than chess that one could do while awake?

    There is a bullet chess if you want to take a break from chess.

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