How much time do you spend on puzzles?


I only usually do one serious attempt I get around 35 in survival and start to make stupid choices, perhaps I already was though lol I have a high of 47, but I kind of give up around 40. I think I'm happy to be around 50 even if I don't average it. I just make really stupid or vapid decisions I don't see obvious ideas etc...I'm just curious what your puzzle solving is like?


Just the daily puzzle and 3 regular puzzles as a warm-up.




I'll usually spend around 3 minutes on a puzzle before looking at the hint. Very occasionally I'll spend more than 5 minutes on one, but for most puzzles I will attempt my version of the solution in just a minute or two.


Daily 5-30 minutes, depends on mood, free time, difficulty and stuff like that. I do about 50 puzzles per day.

Generally I’ll do like 3 a day (the maximum allowed for Non-gold/platinum/diamond members)
It doesn’t matter if a move is vapid as long as it is the correct move imo

I do the Daily Puzzle and for years I'd do all the puzzles allowed with a free membership (3-5 puzzles per day based on what year). This isn't much at all, but it helped because I put quality over quantity and REALLY tried to understand the puzzles.

Now that I have a gifted membership, I do more when I can but puzzles are something I don't do as much as I probably should - tough when you have so many messages, notifications and friends to help happy.png I still get to do puzzles fairly often, but some do puzzles way more than me and I don't even know if rated puzzles is a daily habit for me...probably isn't, I just solve a few when I get the chance.

I also tried Puzzle Rush Survival a lot while trying to reach my ambitious goal of 50+ Survival Score. You can read about this long journey which took me about one year if you are interested, but it is detailed and really captures some of the ups and downs along the way; certainly worth the time to read if you have a puzzle rush survival goal yourself happy.png