How the Fischer-Karpov World Championship Match Might Have Gone

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    Joshka: Many folks try to claim a Karpov victory over Bobby in 1975, cause Karpov beat Spassky in their finals match. Well Fischer demolished Spassky in their match in 1972. Take away the forfeit win for Spassky, a game never played, and Spassky won 2 games!!!.....and one of those 2 wins, was Bobby's Bishop takes h2 experiment. So all in all Boris beat Bobby one time in the match. Korchnoi, 20 years Karpov's elder, gave Karpov everything he could handle in the 1974 finals match, and nearly beat Karpov in their 1978 match! Bobby would have won hands down in 1975, 1978, and probably 1981.

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    GargleBlaster wrote:

    Korchnoi's record vs. Fischer is +2 =4 -2, so there's not much reason to think that Karpov beating him narrowly (until Merano '81, when he won convincingly) tells us much about his chances against Fischer.

    Anyhow, Tolya's holding his own so far.  Here's game three:


    maybe Korchnois words tell us a different story: Fischer is the strongest player, or Fischer is way stronger.

    not to mention when the one match with Korchnoi was really close, than we could assume that without all the aid of so many people Korchnoi would have won. I dont have the score right now in my head, but you didnt say it was wrong.

    6 games is a too small size, but Fischer was absolutly dominating, he was way the strongest player around the time. Everyone agreed.

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    Indeed, there were just slim chance for Karpov to win playing Black. So, he might have played for a draw. He could have known that. So, He might have played when he played white.

    Again Fischer might have won.


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    BTW, how did you compose this imaginary match between Karpov and Fischer? Chessmaster's Karpov and Fischer perosnality is my guess Cool

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    Haha. This thread has brightened up the forums for me. A great idea as well as some really fine instructive games presented. I await each new game with bated breath Smile

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