How to adjust the chess engine's contempt on Arena 3.0

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    Recommend hash sizes for 5 minutes game, 20 minutes games?

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    Also, whenever I set the engine hash to like over 2000 MB my computer lags and it acutally crashed.

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    Funny to think that a computer could emulate "contempt." Skynet, anyone?

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    Hash-Size-Recommendations also are in the Houdini-Manual you linked in your first post.

    It says you can put it up to the max for games where each side can think 15 minutes or more. So for 5 minutes I suppose it'd be roundabout a third of the max.

    For the problem of your PC lagging/crashing you should avoid increasing the hash-size to more than half of your actual ram. So don't increase it to more than 1024 MB or so if you get these problems at 2000+ MB.

    Also note that if you let 2 engines play eachother you should half the Hash-size once again.

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    Okay, I recently bought Houdini 3.0 64 bit. I was wondering if the settings apply to Houdini 1.5  cause the settings have changed a bit. And what Hash size is recommended for 20 minute games for Houdini 3.0

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