How to be a better Blitz chess Player?


My rating should be at least a few 100 points higher, FWIW

My advice (other than getting better at chess in general) is to play blitz a lot. You need to practice it.

But also look for little patterns. Something you can quickly see in a position to give you an idea for a move. For example one I assume a lot of people know is a bishop 3 squares away from a knight (d1 to d4 for example) controls all the knight's possible moves toward the bishop.

So in a blitz game maybe the opponent moves their knight to an outpost, you can use that pattern to instantly move the bishop to block all its forward squares. Is that a good move? Doesn't matter, it's a fast and reasonable move.

Always be looking over your games for little ideas like that... and when they might be bad too. Maybe you're attacking on the kingside, so of course you're not going to pay any attention to a knight the opponent moves way over on the a file.

Important to do this with tactics. What makes this tactic work? Try to verbalize it in a way that it will apply to all tactics of that type. Maybe you're about to lose your knight because it's trapped... but you found a tactical way to save it! Go back and look at the game to find out what that was exactly so that next time you're not desperately calculating, you can look for that type of solution first.


Also, you need to learn an opening well and be able to play it very quickly. Ideally you only use a few seconds on your clock to reach a position 5 to 10 moves deep where you immediately know the usual ideas of the position.

This is mostly done by becoming better at chess in general (study, long games, analysis, stuff like that).

Not quite as important for blitz, but ideally you can also do the same thing with endgames. For certain standard positions you ideally can instantly know the correct winning or drawing idea, and quickly find the correct move.


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Blitz won't be bad for your regular chess as long as you play longer time control chess at the same time. If you play only blitz then you might develop tendencies that are bad for longer time controls.

There are a lot of threads on this topic, try searching through them and see if you can get anything fro, that.

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Foot comfort is critical - play barefoot or in comfy shoes.  Get your sugar/caffeine/nicotine balance right.  Banish stray thoughts.  See the entire board in a single gestalt.  Be aware of your two or three best attacking moves, and your opponent's possibilities as well.  Try not to hang material, but be aware if he left something hanging.  Don't fret over a pawn or two down, or a minute behind on your clock.  Don't decide in advance what you're gonna do, remain open to new inspiration until you commit.  Don't plan anything, planning is overrated, cultivate the mushin, the flow, the unconsciousness, which is the ability to do the right thing instantaneously without thinking about it.  Don't let your cat jump in your lap while you're playing. 


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“ don’t let the cat jump in you lap while you’re playing “
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I am 2000+ in bullet , blitz and 15/mins, 30/mins time control. It is all generally depends your overall chess skill. Yes , you can see another 2k player under-perform 10% as 1800 or over-perform 10% as 2200 in bullet/blitz.(It mostly depends on how they apply their pattern recognition and ability to use some tips/tricks) . My suggestion, blitz is not a way to improve chess, 90% of your improvement will come from slow games. With your rating , play 10/min per game or 15 mins/game. I can tell you some tips and tricks that can boost your bullet /blitz rating by approx 100 elo.(nothing more)

drmrboss wrote:

 I can tell you some tips and tricks that can boost your bullet /blitz rating by approx 100 elo.(nothing more)

well, that would be great obviously wink.png


These are some tips in bullet, apply those when your bliz timer go below 30sec etc

1. Consider Premove whenever possible, - in the above diagram, can do safe premove Rh7 or Rd1, and also do premoves in recaptures(always promote -queen in setting etc). 

2. Put your mouse pointer in your planned piece. 

3.  Play only a few opening and analyze/study hard for dozens/hundreds of hours in those variations.You just need to study 3-4 openings very hard and thorough to play chess. Start from opening and plan your strategies up to endgame. (For example, I will sorely reply 1. e4 c6(Karocann).  1.d4 c5(benko or benoni) as black.  And  1. Nf3,... 2. g3 as white.). Some opening already have middle game and endgame strategy, for example, Sicilian's plan is to counter play in "c" file, etc.  You will always get benefits/save time in your familiarized openings.

4. Tactics and tactics , always do a few tactics everyday( 5 free tactics in this site, for example) and your can apply those patterns. In one study, a GM has about 100,000 to 200,000 recognized patterns in their head.

5. Dont play blitz or bullet too much if you want to improve chess. Study  core skill of chess-  improvements in your skills, strategy and positional understanding come from  slow chess.

6. Analyse your games occassionally. Remember, if you dont know your mistake and cant improve, you will do the same mistake again and again. ( I saw someone in another server who played 150,000 blitz games and his rating is around 1400.

7. Plan to exchange when you have winning position. For example I will exchange opponents' rook vs my queeen if that leads to simple pawns endgame, and then I will do premoves of a4,a5,a6 etc. 

8. Practice to checkmate with common Q+R endgame vs lone king in  a few seconds. One premove cost only 0.1 seconds and if you have 3 seconds remaining (that is  30 premoves), you should be able to check mate your opponents with your extra queen.

Good luck my friend



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