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    Thank you, dzikus. Good points. Maybe the method of test wouldn't be enough at middle ratings, but at least it could work beyond 2500, which is where the 6-figure or 7-figure money is, and where, more than anywhere else, we don't want any cheater to reach. And some may be making plans, and inventing new and subtle forms of cheating. My point is that none of those forms of cheating would survive a rigorous test of chess strenght.

    Think about it this way: Every chess game is already a test. But it would be made in a more precise and cheating-proof manner. An example I already gave is to give a good number of middle-game positions to the player, instead of games starting from the beginning.

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    Doesn't OTB play restrict cheating enough? When two players sit across from each other with nothing but thier memories, imaginations, and wits, it becomes nearly impossible for one person to cheat. Without attributing a person's moves to some sort of gadgetry, there cannot be cheating in chess. If a person memorizes thousands of board positions, uses known statistics to calculate the next move, or just responds to likely threats that doesn't mean they are cheating because they win. 

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    jburkhart28, this is not that easy - sometimes a player needs only one hint in a game to win, and that can not only come from a chess program - a stronger player/coach may suggest a sacrifice or winning maneuver which the player would not otherwise find/decide to play.

    Sometimes it is not even necessary for them to meet, the helping player may be one of the spectactors and show the move using some previously agreed signals (touching the nose with a particular finger, adjusting his glasses etc.). This is easy to prevent by prohibiting kibitzes to enter the playing area but then, they can meet in the bathroom, at the rest area etc.

    I have seen this kind of cheating even in junior tournaments. Some players used to get illegal help from their coaches or parents. If they start cheating at such a young age and receive the approval from their parents what would they do when they improve and start playing for high prizes?

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    dzikus, I believe the destuction of mental austerity is most easily destroyed by a lack of integrity. The people that cheat lose thier wit and become easily intimidated by the weakest opponents. although in low levels it may be more rampant, but I don't think that the majority of players, or coaches are willing to take away the mental anguish and excitement that comes from playing a particular devestating, or impressive plys.  So honestly, how easy is it for cheaters to make it to the higher levels? 

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    I have played competitive chess for the last 8 years and I have never once had a problem

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    calling this a fool-proof method is a limb i care not to walk out on

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    Just pay attentions to your game .

    Cheating fearing

    Mad persona.

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    Use liedetector!

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    Use liedetector!
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    Make sure they don't go to the bathroom lol after every move!

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    Yes!That happens a lot in OTB tournaments

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