How to Crush Opponents like Cockaroaches


Oh no.  All this talk of violence has frightened  Muffins the service rabbit.  What ever happened to that thread?  


I crush cockroaches like opponents. *STOMP* Take that you teeny little grandmaster! Ha. You there, on my biscuit -- Your flag just fell! *KRUNCH* 

LongIslandMark wrote:

My experiance is that cockroaches are pretty hard to crush.

Yeah, a homemade trap with honey and some poison works best.  Honey traps them, they cannot get out. 


When I'm playing live OTB chess and my opponent starts winning I just pull out my trusty automatic and pump him full of lead. The only problem is that I have run out of opponents. Also the police are looking for me... .  


Say halo to my leetle frin !!


I Love the Title.


Are you talkin' to me?  Are you talkin to me?

(Oops--wrong pop-culture reference--my bad.)


Next time you have a bad game & decide to just drop out of the tournament end it like this: "What you lookin at? You all just a bunch of fuggin ashe holes. You know why? You dont have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need players like me. You need players like me so you can point your fuggin fingers & say, thats da bad guy. So, what that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie, how to sandbag. Me, I dont have that problem. Me, I always tell da truth, even when I lie. I always play in da right section, even when I sandbag. So say goodnight to da bad guy. Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, lemme tell ya. Come on, make way for da bad guy. Theres a bad guy commin through, better get outta his way!"

Then go to the TD & withdraw. Leaving him with that speech is optional.


I told you man...

Crushing your opponents like cockaroaches really works.  You have to just go in there knowing that you're going to destroy him.  Forget what he is doing.  It don't matter.  Your opponent sucks the fat one and don't even know his head from his butt.  You got to be confident.  Stick your chest out and say what you're going to do to that little socksucker.  Then do it...

A man is only as good as his word.  So if you say you're going to destroy your opponent then you have to have the sacks to back it up.  That's where the respect comes in.  See, there's a difference between those who just talk and those who crush opponents. 

I'm telling you... you can smell a rat and you can see the cockaroaches.  It's obvious in the way they play the game.  Some are rated high, but it don't matter man...  They all going to be your Chica.  They got what's coming to them...

That's why I'm always packing along my little friend.  You never know when you got to get down to business and crush those lousy cockaroaches.


They even give you trophies for crushing cockaroaches. 


Me and my friend Manny were driving in Miami and we saw a bunch of cockaroaches playing chess one day.  I turned my yellow cadillac around I just had to stomp those lousy cockaroaches. 

I didn't come to America to be surrounded by cockaroaches. 


Sounds like that one scene from House where the kid viciously beats his opponent with the Chess clock.


Why are you so obsessed with cockroaches?Your favourite snack?


Its "cock-a-roaches".


According to the OP it is.


crushed in pineapple sauce

Likhit1 wrote:

Why are you so obsessed with cockroaches?Your favourite snack?

I don't want to be rude but I guess the whole point of the thread went over your head?

stupaud wrote:
Likhit1 wrote:

Why are you so obsessed with cockroaches?Your favourite snack?

I don't want to be rude but I guess the whole point of the thread went over your head?

Not really.This guy used the word Cockaroaches in another forum too.


My name is Ingo_Montoya. You checkmated my father like a cockroach.

Prepare to die.

Antonio_Montana wrote:


I once almost got chopped in half by a chainsaw so listen to me... I know something about survival.

Another time, I was eating lunch and they threw this guy out of a helicopter with a rope and man it was horrible.  I thought they were going to do the same to me, so I said, "make a move". 

Thats nothing Antonio.

I once got thrown out of a helicoptor tied to a rope and cut myself in half with a chainsaw to get away.