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How to Crush Opponents like Cockaroaches

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    Obligatory "bad roaches" clip:

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    How do we CRUSH our opponents like COCKAROACHEES? I read the THREAD, but I'm STILL in the DARK.

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    sapientdust wrote:

    How do we CRUSH our opponents like COCKAROACHEES? I read the THREAD, but I'm STILL in the DARK.

    It apparently has something to do with pretending to be an Italian pretending to be a Cuban.

    It's all a pretense, of course, because real Italians and Cubans would be serving food, wine, rum, and cigars to show their hospitality.

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    Well it is like this...

    Your sitting in your house enjoying a good move and all of the sudden a thief breaks in .....  He comes into your room.

    What do you do? YOu do not try to call the police like some wuss. You handle it yourself. Smile at him and close the door and turn out the lights and get to swinging.

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    Punks jump up to get beatdown!

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    macer75 wrote:
    Antonio_Montana wrote:

    I'm a political refugee and I tell the truth even when I'm lying. 

    That was deep...

    "I tell the truth 'cept when I lie. It only hurts me when I cry."

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    corrijean sweetumsssssss just teaseing but seriously teach me a lil chess plssssssssssssssssss

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    Antonio_Montana wrote:

    Be aggressive man... 

    It's all about putting the sacks on the table man and just tearing through your opponents like a shoe going into a hot steaming pile of it...

    Don't even pay any attention to what your opponent wants to do.  Just show him who is boss.  If he wants to act tough and move up the board, kick him in the gut... I mean hit him where it really hurts most and make him your chica.

    I once almost got chopped in half by a chainsaw so listen to me... I know something about survival.

    Another time, I was eating lunch and they threw this guy out of a helicopter with a rope and man it was horrible.  I thought they were going to do the same to me, so I said, "make a move". 

    So, take it from me.  I've seen it all.  I'm a political refugee and I tell the truth even when I'm lying. 

    You sir, just became my cockroach

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    How many opponents are like cockroaches anyway?

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    I'm always following the best chess players from around the world, Man.

    It's the best. 

    You see, if you want to be play like a cockaroach, then you will be lazy and wont be willing to put in the time to practice and learn.  That's really how you get better at chess.

    I know...... I know..... there are a lot of cockaroaches out there who will try to convince you that chess can be learned overnight or by simply following the moves of one player or another.  That's not true, man.

    Dont be fooled by those cockaroaches. They dont want nothing good for you.

    Me.  I'm a humanitarian.  I take interest in making others better and arming them to crush cockaroaches.  I've been traveling all around the world making deals and a lot of money.

    Because as you all know by now........  In this world, first you get the money...........then you get the power............  then you get the women. 

    I say this over and over so that anyone out there wont be fooled by cockaroaches or second rate lies from those filthy no good cockaroaches. 

    On this discussion, there have been many cockaroaches that came out of the corners of the world to try to put their droppings and infect the masses.  Those cockaroaches are filthy Im telling you..........  filthy.

    Me........ I just try to ignore them, Man.  I try to share the truth and help people along the way. 

    That's class because I'm a classy guy.  Not some lousy cockaroach.


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