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How to I defend against a queen opening?

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    This is a recent game I played.  I see this opening like 1/3 times from my opponent and I don't know how to answer it.  Any help?


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    You should go e5, then Knight c6. That usually prevents any meaningful attack and gains you tempo because their queen is out too early and your pieces will develop as you attack the queen.

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    That being said I have a low rating so am not the beat to advise. I do prefer playing against aggressive types though. Hate playing against KID because I don't fully understand it yet.

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    Follow opening principles:

    Control the center.

    Develop toward the center.


    Connect your rooks.

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    3.Nxe4 wins a pawn and hits the queen. 5.c6 blocks the check and defends the knight. So you should have had a large advantage straight away. Bringing the queen out in such fashion is unwise because the other player can develop pawns and pieces whilst attacking it and so gains a development lead. You did this but not accurately and so lost a piece.

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    Just develop your pieces (try not to move the same piece twice) and keep your pieces deafened.  Do that and you will come out with the advantage.


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