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How to reach 1700 rating on chess.com

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    I have increased my rating from 1400 to 1700 with aggresive play but suddenly it when down to 1600 and I am facing difficulties to increase it to 1700 even though I have defeated 1700+ players. I please suggest any tips?

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    Take lessons. Do tactics but it sounds like something else. If you drink caffeine it restricts bloodflow to you brain. Drink a lot of Water while playing and make sure to sleep 8-9 hours a day. I recently had both a blitz and a rapid of around 800 I started drinking a lot of water and sleeping and today I broke 1100 in rapid. I plan on going much higher.
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    Find openings you like and study them. Review your games frequently, or after every match if you can to find improvements. And find a mentor... like John Bartholemeu.

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    Play alot of chess. You probably don't play nearly enough as you should and its something many players are guilty of. Every time i had some jump in rating it was due to me playing much more than i usually did for a prolonged period, and its probably not much different for the majority of players.

    EDIT: after looking at your profile it looks like you actually play quite a bit, with that being the case you just need to be patient. Improvement is not going to happen quickly even for the most rapidly improving players.

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    Maybe you are playing to many games.
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    Study most used mainline opening and it defenses for the first 5 or 6 moves. To strengthen you middlegame and endgame I prefer playing roughly 4 correspondence games with 3 day delay so you can study certain moves better(positional thinking).  Follow with up 25 puzzles a day to make the transition to over-the-board scenarios(tactical thinking).  Lastly I review at least 2 finished matches(1-lose & 1-win). Pick what you are battling on Opening/Middlegame/Endgame at the moment for your selection and see what happened to help you get insight.  

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    Do Tactics


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