How to stay calm during a chess tournament?

OP I won’t challenge you , as I don’t want to dent your ego .

Accept that you can make mistakes that you are not perfect and that you are not the only one in world so Accept that all of this refers to your opponent(s) as much

Drink more coffee

A bit of nerves can help, ya know.


As a personality trait, some people simply get more nervous than others. Personally when I play chess (especially "important" games), I do not get too "nervous" per se - but I do often get a bit anxious or excited about the game. As a result, I do not have much chess advice for calming down, but I think it would be more psychological and how you prepare (specifically mentally) before chess. I used to play golf competitively and a lot of tournament golfers have similar experiences of nervousness (especially with drives and putts). However, this subsides with practice and experience. Eventually, a crowd present won't even impact you (often too even the thought of being watched, even if not a literal crowd, has the same effect).

To summarize, my guess would be that this nervousness will be better handled after experience - play more tournaments, and you won't be as nervous during them.

If you learn to sometimes sit back and enjoy the moment, that also helps; look around at all of the great chess players around you, the beautiful room where the tournament is held, the noise/excitement of the tournament chess atmosphere - sometimes taking a moment to appreciate where you are helps calm you down (and feel even honored to be where you are). At least this works for me happy.png 

Good luck with your tournament chess wink.png


One tip:

When it my opponent's turn I just walk or look at other games around which helps me a lot!!! Its sooooo amazing how my brain just calms down by walking!!!shock.png    

Monie49 wrote:
Drink more coffee

But coffee is not good for your health !!!!!!!!frustrated.png


Walking, in general, is good for your health and relaxing. The main reason is because walking produces serotonin in your body (calms you down, aids in digestion, and other things too). Of course, walking around the chess boards is by no means a workout, or that many steps (during chess, I often walk around the room too). I think it calms closer to what my earlier post alluded to: where you are basically enjoying your surroundings and the situation at hand. If it was purely chemical, then walking would help little because you are not walking enough. Walking around the room clocks maybe a hundred or two steps, while the human body needs around 10,000 or more a day; this is why calming down here is probably more mental than physical.


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