How to tutor endgames


If anyone has experience how to coach younger kids, age 10 or so and successfully foster an appreciation for endgames, then please let me know how you did it.


Hello Lupus,

                   I am not sure whether I am able to help you,but I run a chess class local to where I live in which I teach beginners.I teach them all aspects of the game,these people are over 50 years of age but the same rules would apply to whoever wishes to learn the art of chess.One way in which to teach end games would be through giving them chess problems to solve, I do this for my pupils. I hope this is of use to you.

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Robin  ( aka chess_guy72 ).


Teach them on basic patterns in the Endgame (opposition, geometry, Rook endgames, pawn endgames, bishop, knight endgames etc.)

Also teach them to love the endgame. Because in endgame occurs the players real test.


late but a different answer.  tutor to your student's motivation, assuming one-on-one.  the best example is a kid with competitive instinct, when you put him on the winning side of a winning position and set him the task of applying a concept you've just shown.  for this, you have to have material, but imagining that you are well-supplied.  for groups, it's trickier, as usually the groups are of very different levels, when splitting them up into even pairs to apply may be efficient.  

in general, changing the material and concepts often applies more to teaching children than with adults, who have more patience (on a good day...).  this is universal, not just for chess, of course.

chess-specific, kids need concepts they can handle (memorizing Philidor R+B v. R isn't going to work for 1200 level kids...), needs to be within reach.  in the beginning, i literally have them play out 2R v. K mate, for example.

kids' personality matters a lot, as well, and you'll benefit by being a chameleon so that your method of amusing them / motivating them is a match for their personality.

ok, stopping here but would enjoy a discussion.