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I am back...with a vengence

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    Well, I just lost a bunch of games on time by a few hours and now my rating is below 1300. I WILL have my vengence. No, not on the people. On the ratings (in other words, boost my ratings real high). And in the spirit of doing something unexpected and crazy that somehow still works, here is my plan. I am going to challenge EVERY person on the entire site.

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    That will be rather difficult to manage!


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    the time controls better be long

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    I say everyone simply abort the game or resign on the first move.

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    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!Wink

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    you are a joke mate.....

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    So when is this going to happen so I can take a nap and go on vacation to get rest for the big game

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    50,000 plus people ur going to play wow thats going to be a tough thing to do...Cool

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    What a legend.

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    I will happily play you in a game. I don't expect to win, but I think that I will learn something from it.

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    I avoid playing people with a timeout ratio above 20%, for obvious reasons.

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    Thank you for the positive comments, well some of you anyway. If you wish to help, please challenge me and/or spread the word, since the list is OVER 9000 pages long. *jigsaw voice* let the games begin

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    When you can make a post showing you are playing one thousand simulataneous games i will help you.. until then i think you're full of it.

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    Awardchess has about 1000 games going and has a pretty impressive record. So sure you are on mate.

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    WHAT??!!  9000!!!??

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    If you try to play so games at the same time and you'll lose on time to all of them :p


    Chess.com has 449,544 members from 239 countries!

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    Not necessarily.

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    lol You're joking right?

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    Good luck!

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