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I am weird - I do not want to play chess!

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    Do you exercise much?  Your job is chess?  WOW! Do you work in a chess shop? I guess we should all be well rounded people i.e. read books, exercise , take an interest in current affairs, watch movies e.t.c 

    I reiterate, don't let your percieved chess performance define you as a person and you will do better and enjoy it more.  Do the best you can and be happy with it, it's as simple as that...I'm only about 1280 in blitz (my game at the moment because of time!).  Where I live I'm a relatively strong player but on the internet world scene I'm severely wanting....but I love the game anyway!

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    Yes, my job is chess. I do not excercise much, but ride my bicyicle. And I have overcome this problem! I do enjoy games now. Thanks to the hint that I need to lose a thousand games! Smile

    Seriously, I realized that there is also little point in winning lots of games against people who are below my strength. I need to make a mistake, be unhappy about it, analyse and learn from the pain. Just blundered in two correspondence games yesterday and now I am not a happy camper. But tomorrow I will smile and understand. And next week I will crush you all!


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