I bet 10 trophies you can't solve this


ok u cant be sure that the last mov was e5

No possible mate in 1, but mate in 2: Rf7+, Qf6#
Assuming its from white’s perspective.

There was another guy who had this puzzle and that's why it's so easy


And the position is illegal. 1 capture has been made by each side and there are 2 sets of doubled pawns, indicating 2 captures

devesh123456789 wrote:

although this is illegal, there are many more illegal positions and they still are beautiful. One such example is this

OK, even chess composers occasionally work with illegal positions. But you have to illustrate something very special with them which is difficult to impossible in a legal setting. Therefore the diagram in post #1 is unacceptable. Completely unnecessary to use an illegal position for it. Diagram #20 is somewhat excusible though there are many great problems with rook desperado's which are completely legal.