Who Is the Present World Champion? Do You Know?


Oh, so the WC won his match based on blitz games?  How gauche.


I thought it was Rapid (30minute/game), not Blitz (5minute/game) games for the tiebreakers and would go to blitz if they still were tied after four rapid games? From their drawing in classical games it seemed to make sense to try a different time control to try and break the tied series. Wouldn't want a Karpov-Kasparov 1984 48 game marathon match again, no sponsor would want to fund that these days.


Vishy was the champ, is the champ and would remain a immortal champ.


Even if you consider this a draw, he was a champion from the previous world championships and didn't lose it.


Isn't the current world champion that dog..what's his name..K-9.

Shadowknight911 wrote:

there's a qualifying process that is done to determine who gets to meet the champion (Anand).  This is the way that it is done in Boxing.  Carlsen wanted to change the format the way that say the World Cup determines a champion, i.e. all the players get together and the best man becomes the champion.  Carlsen did not want to go through the rigorous process of the Candidates' matches to determine the right to face Anand.

False.  Carlsen withdrew from the previous cycle after FIDE changed the rules for a second time after it began, both times to the competitive disadvantage of those players who eschewed possibly large paydays to play in the prescribed events for lower prizes than the going rate. 

The speculation was that the manipulations were to ensure Kramnik could get into the Candidates in that cycle, but there is no proof of it.  Under the original rules, he would not have been able to qualify.

Carlsen threw down the gauntlet in the spirit of Fischer.  If they were going to change the rules to favor other players, screw them.  Let them have their little "championship" matches while the world's best player just kept winning.

Notice they haven't revised the rules in the current cycle, and Carlsen is guaranteed entry by rating. 

It is true he is untested in high-level matches, but he seems immune to pressure.  He just plays starkly strong chess no matter what the situation in the tournament is.


That's the one. Thanks!


It is amazing that such a simple question asked of me by a friend, turns out to be such a complicated answer.

Hopefully everyone can get together and have one truly World Champion next time that they arrange it.


Honestly, I stopped following quite some years chess. When I heared that blitz games were involved in the world champion matches, i was flabbergasted. It is like determining the best cook of the world and when you have a close choice, determine the winner by letting them bake burgers at mac donalds.


And it seemed to be so simple. Euwe and Aljechin played their 30 games between october and december of 1935. No problem.


 IMO we need to return to the days when we had the candidates matches like Spassky Fischer and the rest of those guys had to deal with. The world championship is becoming more like boxing every day where you have 5 or 6 different champions. It has lost a lot of it's prestige .


January 14, 2020

So who is the current real world 🌎 champion? . . .