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I feel that I deserve a higher rating

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    I used to play a lot at school. Then took 25 years off and have come back again. I now play 8-10 minute blitz games and mess around vs engines.

    I play without time controls vs engines at about 1900 ELO but absolutely suck at blitz being old and slow and a m aways getting into time trouble..

    So I play about 1400 rating and against players in the 1200 to 1600 range.

    I am much stronger than almost all of them in the opening and transitioning into the middle game but my lack of time management and middle aged calculation tends to cause me issues fron then on. If I can get to an endgame I often have a slight edge again.

    Younger players may well demonstrate other characteristics.

    All in all though, we get the ratings we deserve...


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