i get to 30~ in survival and am completely exhausted


Today i got to 36. Ive been trying to beat my highest of 39, but i realized it takes alot of my mental energy because i end up basically forgetting how to do simple puzzles. I tried one more run and missed taking a free rook in a corner with a queen. This is extremely annoying, im not necessarily dumb but my mental endurance is unmatched i do one run and give up on life basically lol I guess im whining a little bit but im curious to hear your thoughts on the subject of puzzles and if you struggle with the same problem.


36 is actually pretty good considering your ~1200 rating in rapid. You already beat my best score of 32 in 3-min rushes, so you are certainly a solid puzzle player.


Remember that we must view at our average score, and not just the highest possible score, in such situations. I suggest you should carry on with your regime as usual, but probably keep it to once a day (as per the usual limit for players with no membership).


My best and second best attempts in survival mode of puzzle rush are 55 and 50 respectively. It's a large difference between the two. And it's a very far cry from the average score of 27.70 which I am currently holding in just over 1000 attempts, since I usually like to blitz through my puzzles even in survival mode and often make errors within the first 20 puzzles (only when I obtain the first 30 correct, I start to slow down and concentrate more deeply in the hopes of breaking through the 40 and 50 barriers).


just fyi thats not my 3 min its my survival score. I do the same thing i slow down around ~30 but actually its 25~ the only difference is you get to 50 i make like 5 more puzzles and end up getting 3 wrong its very strange. The chess muscles are like actual muscles you have to build endurance apparently. I dont even know how i made it to 39, because i was pretty tired that day. Still feels 50 shouldnt be out of reach for me or at least 45


I know that I am comparing across different controls (survival vs 3-min), but still...


A score of 36 is better than 32. Not many players on this site can even hit 32 in survival chess, so if you can exceed 32 in survival, you are certainly great in puzzles (puzzles around 35 to 40 are rated probably between 1500 and 2000).


Give it another shot, but calculate fully the repercussions of each move, including those which require precise order of moves. At higher levels, in general, no two moves are correct in puzzles - one of these moves are often "traps".




I suck at puzzle rush, so I can't help you.


It does get incredibly draining when you're reaching puzzles that you're really struggling with and you know there's an endless supply of more around the corner. I basically just don't do survival for this exact reason.