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I hit a huge milestone

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    Thanks lol

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    1800 is a good place to start setting 100 rather than 200 point milestones.  You'll find that every 100 points is harder to gain than the previous 100.  Don't say, "Next stop, 2000!"  Get to 1900 and be an advanced A player first.  Then you can set your sights on 2000.  If you set your next goal too high, you run the risk of becoming discouraged at how long it's taking to get there.  In terms of the amount of effort and energy required to cross the gaps, the difference between 1800 and 2100 is considerably greater than the difference between 1500 and 1800.  That's just the nature of the rating system, and the game.


    Congratulations, btw!

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    Thanks for the advice grin.png

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    According to chess.com this topic only has 3 posts.

    Way to go chess.com! Yuge milestone!

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    Now it says 87, and that the last post was a day ago!


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    ya chess.com is kinda getting rigged especially if youre in beta


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