I suck at chess :(

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    Long Games Long games Long games I can't stress this much further

    If you could do it OTB it would even be better

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    Just thinking, It is great to play against strong players, but refreshing to play people at your level and below to remind you there are many players below you, and you do not suck! 

    I remember I went into a chess club and beat all there best players, only new realize all the players were week and I must have seemed like an expert to them.

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    well i registered a few days ago and have lost every game so far (about 10).


    i loose my patience too quckly; as soon as I make a bad move I get grumpy and just want the game to end..

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    Welcome Nick, you are new!  Try playing some on line chess like the three day per move games, most people do better with more time to think a move out. And you could read the many "How to improve your chess" post here on chess.com 

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    I've been playing most of my life........I still suck.

    Brain dead is the term that comes to mind.....

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    Op's been gone 17 months, for God's sake.

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    And is why you dont revive it...

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    Oh lordy, lordy! A revival!!

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    think positive and then you'll improve!!!!!!



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    nerbo92> Don't take it too personal if you loose. Chess is a game and usually people don't learn anything when they are in foul mood. Loosing is an opportunity to learn about your mistakes.

    Get some chess books and reproduce GM games on a board. This can help you see patterns and how a game is ''played''.

    And geez stop with the Blitz! Beginners should focus on playing slow games.

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    yep,blitz aint no place to learn chess.

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    y0u  need to play the Bongcloud attack  combining it with the Parham Attack dude  to become  in a complete player.


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    Dude , play some slow games like 30 min or 15/10 ... Try learn a solid opening like caro kann off YouTube , work on your patience , my trick is play music while I play chess , also , STICK WITH IT , don't expect to be a GM in 5 mins

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    JohnnyKGB wrote:

    y0u  need to play the Bongcloud attack  combining it with the Parham Attack dude  to become  in a complete player.




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    I suck, too.  A lot.  I blunder often and I don't have a firm grasp on the basics.  I can win games against my friends, and I love learning about chess, but when I actually try to apply it in games, I get stomped.

    But I'm going to try to keep at it. 

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