I suck at chess :(

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    if you look at all the best players in the world they all started as kids...if you start as an adult it's too late all you ever gonna be is average..in this case its best to just play for fun with friends and not take it seriously

    i just got back into chess after not playing since i was a child and i feel it would take me a lifetime to become above average player

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    I suck at chess too. But I'm convinced I can be a strong 1800 provided that I apply myself and not be lazy :^)

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    If you want the improve you have to do tacktic
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    Op's been gone three years.

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    Just 3 mains words here; It's the magic elixir, for Most things! -" 'Planets'.. Jupiter"; by- 'Holst'!   { ;

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    Not Constipation Planet?

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    We all do. Not me though.

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