I want to be an otb expert, but I keep losing against caro-kann and 3, ,,, f5 Ruy Lopez player

Caro-Kann Defense
3, .... f5 Ruy Lopez
I just don't know what to do against both defenses.



How do you beat caro  kann and f5 ruy lopez?


Can't you just use general opening principles? For the first game, just play 3. Nc3. For the second game, you could play either 4. d3 or 4. Nc3.

P.S. - While I suspect this is just a troll thread (this kind of question from a 1884 rated blitz player?), you can't simply "beat" these defenses, but you can get a good, playable game.


What are the practical ideas for white in both defenses?


You're asking the wrong questions. An "Expert" would know how to use databases, books, and other resources to find out how grandmasters respond to these openings, research the plan for both sides, etc.