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I will give a FIDE rating of 2800 is you can solve this.

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    Darn, I wasn't awake when you posted the diagram, else I would've beaten Remellion Yell

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    Jordan, of course trolling is allowed!!! You see, you have to do it in a discreet way. The way how I troll is I bring in memes. Most of the time, people get offended because they either 1.) don't understand the meme, 2.) have no idea what a meme is, and 3.) you get lulz out of the meme...so...they just got trolled because you thought it was funny!!! That's the best example.

    I also like to troll trolls. Spelling errors, or just really bad grammar and broken English. This is where you come in to correct!! I also troll the forums with pictures of sexy women, (ESPECIALLY since this is a family oriented site) and misunderstood humor in one way or another.

    Well? Allow me to demonstrate the best way to troll with a meme at this very moment.

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