If Capablanca played Carlsen for the world champion match, who would win?

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    Of course Carlsen. Is that a question?

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    Of course Carlsen would puke because of the stench. Is that a question?

    Wait a minute. There's no longer a stench coming from Capablanca's corpse. He has become dust.

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    Capablanca dominated his time more than Carlsen is dominating his time. Yeah, Carlsen's opponent might be better prepared (though this is questionable) but that's due to the more easily accessable resources players can rely on today. That Carlsen too can rely on. Capablanca didn't have more resources to learn from than his contemporaries, just like Carlsen doesnt. Yet again, wasn't Capa still more dominating? Carlsen is still young though, so he has chances to do better, we will see!

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    I must mention this I don't dislike Carlsen at all, he is fine player and he has goodsportmanship and good representative for chess: this of Carlsen I like a lot and he play chess without silly demands. I hope he is world champion for along time, maybe Magnus can change it back to the old format 24 games match and to qualify has a contender, players need to play in the interzonals tournament and three candidate matches to finally play the world champion and it should be every three years to give the world champ a rest. 

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    Magnus is in favor of doing away with the match-play format entirely. He prefers a tournament. 

    I hope he never gets his way in that respect.

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    That is too bad, a tournament it is not a good way to choose the strongest contender to play against champ. It much better to play matches to dertermine the strongest challenger.

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    SmyslovFan wrote:

    Magnus is in favor of doing away with the match-play format entirely. He prefers a tournament. 

    I hope he never gets his way in that respect.


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    IMpatzer wrote:

    Have you ever watched carlsen play speed chess?

    I have never seen anyone so fast! He could give nigel short and guest71 more time and still beat them both at the same time! Me I am pretty brave I

    Will play anyone. That is until he became champion. A very nice champ he plays all kinds of social games as well he is good for chess!

    I do think with this guy I would be inclined to decline

    Even a social game! He is amazing many more

    Good years to you Magnus! But gary k your still

    My hero. 20 years as world champion! I know you like fischer as the best but I don't think he could

    Have carried the title that far. Even karpov could not

    And look how close you guys played in younger years. Now karpov plays positional chess like a stratavarious. Kind of like petrosians positional

    Skill. I always did say kasparov is tactical king and

    Karpov is positional king. Merely an opinion.

    Good chessing to you all!

    I've seen amateurs play faster! I haven't seen very many chess pros these days that are not clutzy with the pieces. Do understand what I am telling you. I am referring specifically to this modern inability to manipulate chess pieces with fantastic digital dexterity. Everyone is learning chess with computers these days. Years ago people didn't have a database. They had to get a book and move pieces around. Go find some old footage of people playing blitz. There are bums in the park that can play faster than Carlsen.

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