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If Chess Mentor was worth college credit...

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    ...how many credits would it be worth to complete all the lessons? 60 or AA degree? 120 or Bachelor's degree?

    Anyone close to finishing all the beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses?

    After completing all of the advanced lessons, would you have the knowledge (not experience) of a class, expert, or titled player?

    How many chess books would you need to buy to match the content in chess mentor? More than the cost of a diamond membership? My guess is yes.

    If I ever finish Chess Mentor, I would definitely like a certificate of completion mailed to my home! Heck, I got a certificate for taking a beer class at the Anheuser - Busch Sea World Park :)

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    I'm not even close to half way through,  and figure there may be enough there to last the rest of my life (I'm 70)!  Yes,  it's a great resource;  yes, one would need to spend far more than the cost of a membership  on books or commercially-available videos on equivalent material.

    Naturally, 'Mentor' is a mixed bag:  some 'courses' are better than others (which may be just saying they don't interest me as much!)

    Its only 'flaw,' - and it's a kinda amusing one - is the ridiculous ratings! My own is far too high.  But, hey,  my 'Tactics' one is way too low!  So I guess it all evens out  

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    My rating is also way too high at 1699! I don't have a U.S.C.F. rating, but based on all of my different Internet ratings, here and elsewhere, I would guess it to be around 1200 at the very highest, or somewhere around the low end of Class D. I have played against real Class C players at my local club and know that I can't beat them. So a chess mentor rating of 1699 is simply ridiculous, which would be Class B!

    As to my own personal progress with Chess Mentor, I have completed 287 out of 3884 lessons, or 7.4%. I mostly do tactics training here, but will increase my time with Chess Mentor in the next few months, and see where it takes me.


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