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if your opponent loses his/her queen and keeps playing its a sign of total disrespect for you and yo

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    Wow I have totally the opposite view. It's driving me crazy here when players just resign when things are going bad for them. I think it's disrespectful to resign and not try and give their best game. Let me finish the job
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    At higher levels it makes sense. Like 99% of people complain when others don't resign because "their wasting my time!". If you WANT to spend the time chasing them down, fine, but they don't really want to have a slow death, which some Feel they will get.
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    Ya I guess I don't win all the time and it feels like they are taking away my chance to check mate them by just giving up. It's almost turning me off this app actually
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    That's not how chess works

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    In a football game, you don't abandon it if you a few goals down. You have to keep fighting
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    I never want my opponent to resign.


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