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    Timothy_P wrote:

    Speaking of which, who are you musacha?

    You joined today, played no games, and make statements that show you've been here awhile (banned troll/cheater maybe).

    yes he will be gone soon too.

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    Timothy_P wrote:
    musacha wrote:

    Timothy, It's not being "down on c.c all of a sudden," its called critical thinking and not wanting to be lied to all the time.

    You should have seen at least after the Pruess fiasco that Erik is a total liar and is willing to say just about anything to escape blame for something.

    By the way, copying someone's profile verbatim is one of the oldest trolling tricks in the book.  To think that the site couldn't figure that out in over a year (until a Federal Case is literally made of it) is ridiculous.

    I was talking to FirebrandX, who posted " 'I hate it here, but I'm staying and talking down toward this site' doesn't help any discussion either" earlier in this thread.

    I missed the Pruess thing, and since it seems to be over I don't care about it.

    I was making an analogy about someone talking trash on a site they frequent, yet for some reason don't leave to play on a site they find better. Raising issue with serious questions about integrity and honesty is entirely different than someone just talking trash.

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    Forget it I don't want to start or re-start a flame war. I was just trying to point out that he was supportive of the site in the beginning: "I hope this guy loses and ends up wasting a ton of his own money on legal fees in the process" for example.

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    musacha wrote:

    I am Musacha.

    Seems unlikely Wink

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    catvomit wrote:

    I'm kind of disappointed no one has commented on my post #96.  It's clear there is more going on here than anyone is saying.

    I had read it. It's too cryptic to know how to comment on it. Somewhat ominous.

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    Timothy_P wrote:
    FirebrandX wrote:
    Timothy_P wrote:
    zealandzen wrote:

    It sounds like someone created a new user to mimic the accused and confuse the powers that decide such things, which worked in this case. Surely new SOPs will come down. It can happen.

    If that's how it played out, then Mr. Despres did what any person would do...get attention for his just cause. Glad he did it.

    I understand that someone intentionally made the other profile similar to the real coach's, and then cheated to get it caught to get the coach banned.

    This is only what claims happened, as we have no other evidence or information other than they are "looking into it". Even taken at face value, it seems almost ridiculous that you could fool the admins this way merely by changing a letter in your account name. It would be like if they accidentally banned you because of an account called Tymothy_P was caught cheating.

    Actually, my source is Mr. Despres. And if someone had copied my elaborate profile verbatim (mine isn't but his was) into an almost identical acc, it would be understandable to assume that it is the same person.

    Why are you so down on c.c all of a sudden?

    I am a huge fan of and am sorry there's a controversy. Maybe we should stop our speculation at this point.

    If the fellow has truly returned it must have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction. If it's good enough for him...

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    landlubberdolphin wrote:
    Timothy_P wrote:

    I was talking to FirebrandX, who posted " 'I hate it here, but I'm staying and talking down toward this site' doesn't help any discussion either" earlier in this thread.

    firebrand is a rabid anti-cheat paranoid, suggesting that chess2knights may not of been cheating completely screws with his world view and so he launched a full scale attack on me

    First, the correct term is "may not have been cheating". "May not of been cheating" is a lot like asking "What time do you of?" Second, you're blowing your importance way out of proportion. I called you on your crap-ass comments implying that your country is superior to America since a banned cheater list wouldn't be allowed there, and you became a troll over it in the hopes that you can somehow one-up me and feel better about yourself. Talk about pathetic indeed. So on the block list you go. Cheers!

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    chess2knightz wrote:

    Hey guys, let's settle down, everything is cool now.

    This might be a little off topic, but does anyone know any good Swiss Banks or hedge funds where I could park $100,000 for a while?

    note: this account is fake, note the z at the end.

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    You really enjoy this don't you firebrand especially having musacha around.

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    Sorry guys but I'm locking this thread... not because of the current content, but because of all the trolls its attracting. 

    Being able to have a sensible discussion with constructive comments is one thing, but trolls posting on here nasty destructive comments just to attack the site, the staff and its members is just ruining this thread for everyone else.

    There are a few specific trolls intent on seeing the site destruct (with their aid), those are the same who have been creating the multiple accounts on here to post trash, mimic other members, twist facts and generally destroy decent threads. While this thread is open, it is a like a red rag to a bull for them, so the thread is either locked now, or after the trolls have completely trashed it to the point none of the geniune posters are bothering to reply on here again.

    You are welcome to continue the topic in the cheating forum group if you wish, but unfortunately I don't have the tools to transfer a thread from public forums to a group yet.

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