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Is 1. ... e5 a blunder?

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    Balachandar wrote:

    Interesting that a player wouldn't start of that type of chess by looking for which pawns are weak and how easily/quickly they can be attacked etc. before making his first move.


    Funny game though.

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    I made a mistake in responce to e4 the best responce is d5 not d4 as I reparted. There is very little theroy so it is easy to know more then your opponant. Not so with the sissy-cilian

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    skakmadurinn wrote:

    Well, in that case 1. e5 was blunder. Or just pretty bad move. (blunder loses immediately, you can play little more when you are down a rook)

    Maybe you can, but... Wink

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    ^^omg, AndyClifton has returned!

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    The game should be nullified. all the pieces were set up wrong.

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